• "God is the only being where is the happiness for which created us."
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  • "I want my life to be a trail of light that shines in the way of my siblings showing their faith, hope and charity."
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  • "It is by faith that comes from the certainty of God´s presence in us."
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  • "Mary is for all of us, the most perfect model of holiness that can raise up a creature."
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  • "The day has twenty-four hours, do not do anything too, If we provide a few moments to meet with God."
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  • "I am in God and feel God in me - its just pure Love me, is the one that attracts me!"
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  • "I love the Immaculate Heart of Mary and hope in your protection!"
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  • "Chosen by God to holiness, we seek correspond to such a call, to the best of ourselves."
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  • "Parents are the first teachers of their children in their arms is that they must learn to pronounce the name of God."
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  • "In God we have everything and we don´t need anything else."
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Bulletin of the Servant of God Sister Lucia, No. 28

Was published the Bulletin of the Servant of God Maria Lucia of the Immaculate Heart No. 26, with the title "Mary is, for all of us, the model of the most perfect holiness, the one that can raise a creature on this earth".


If you want to read it can do so here.

Fátima, A Hundred Years 13 Memories

In the year of the celebration of the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fátima, the new book authored by Manuel Couto, entitled "Fátima, a hundred years 13 Memories", presents articles along the symbolic number 13, many other texts, accompanied by magnificent photographic illustrations, which seek to shed light on the extraordinary events experienced by children and other characters, from 1917 to the present day.

This work, which takes place one hundred years of history, not ending in the history of the past, but showing us the story today, is presented by a historian who was part of the Historical Commission in the process of Canonization of Sister Lúcia. This is why it is a work unique and of great value.

It can be purchased at any bookstore or at www.livrodefatima.pt

The closure of the phase of the diocesan process of Beatification and Canonization of Sister Lúcia

The session of the closing phase of the Diocesan Process of Beatification and Canonization of the Servant of God Sister Maria Lúcia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart took place in the Carmel of Santa Teresa de Coimbra, on February 13, 2017, the day on which marked the 12th anniversary of the death of the Servant of God.

The Church of Carmel had more than three hundred faithful, who wanted to so testify their affection, devotion and admiration for Sister Lúcia.

After the closing session, the Bishop of Coimbra, Bishop Virgílio Antunes celebrated the Eucharist. Also present was the Bishop of Leiria Fátima, Bishop António Marto, the Bishop Emeritus of Leiria Fátima, Bishop Serafim Ferreira e Silva, The Postulator Father Romano Gabalunga, the Provincial of the Carmelites, Father Joaquim Teixeira and 28 Priests from various Dioceses.

Bishop Virgílio Antunes, Bishop of the Diocese of Coimbra, stated that this closing session was "ardently desired by many people of the Catholic world", because the seer, is "a person known in the history of Fátima".

Lúcia "enjoyed the fame of sanctity," and the next phase of this process goes through the "submission to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, which follows the Roman Process", and thus there is the "joy of accomplishment".

The bishop of Coimbra thanked all those who were involved in the process since Pope Benedict XVI came to the Shrine of Fatima and to the Carmel of Coimbra, the Promoter of the Cause, concluded that "the investigation that ended today is the result of hard work, generosity and much love for the Church".

Bishop Virgílio Antunes explained that others were also involved including, 2 bishops, 2 postulants, 3 vice-postulators, 8 people who were on the historical commission and 61 witnesses. Of those witnesses, 1 cardinal, 4 bishops were pointed out and 34 lay people, whose statements and work resulted in a process of 15,483 pages, accommodated in 19 boxes.

The Postulator for the Process, a Carmelite Father Roman Gambalunga, confirmed "Blessed are the pure in heart, Lúcia was just that, a woman of pure heart, with a great mission in the 20th century."

The Carmelite pointed out that in Sister Lúcia was "her greatness, humility; the simplicity of her to guide; the spirit of freedom; the light of prayer; the happiness to know the grace of God." Therefore this concluded, affirming that this was "a memorable day."

Each process of canonization is composed by a diocesan phase and another in Rome. We now have ended this session by collecting the  theological study of numerous documents written by Sister Lúcia: published books, her diary that had the title My Path, the extensive documentation of letters and other unpublished documents. At the same time, several people have been heard, who have lived and whose testimony gave us fundamental data to trace the profile of the life and virtues of the Carmelite Religious who was, one day, a Seer of Fátima.

All of this material, along with the documents relating to her reputation of holiness, will now be in the Congregation for the Causes of Saints at the Vatican, where they will start the Roman phase of this process, in which they will study the life and virtues of Sister Lúcia.

If, at the conclusion of this study, Sister Lúcia's profile is recognized as one who lived in the configuration to Christ, the process will be presented to the Holy Father who will sign the decree of Heroic Virtues, proclaiming her venerable. If this happens, they will be waiting for the approval of a miracle for Beatification and another for the Canonization, thus ending this process.


Oath of D. Virgílio

Oath of P. Romano Gambalunga - Postulador

Oath of Cón Anibal Castelhano - Vice Postulador

Oath of Sister Angela Coelho - Vice Postulator

Oath of P. Luís Ribeiro

Oath of P. Pedro Miranda

Oath of Dr Maria José Soares - Notary

Oath of Dr Ana Lúcia - Copyist

Oath of Sister Benedita - Copyist

Oath of Dr. Sonia Vazao - Copyist


Closure the Process

Closure the Process

Closure the Process

Closure the Process

Closure the Process

Eucarístia celebration

Pictures: Delfim Machado


The closing Eucharist of the Diocesan Phase of the cause of sister Lucy
Carmel of Coimbra | 2/13/2017